Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I stand on the key issues?

  • Mask and Vaccine Choice for Kids – I firmly believe in mask and vaccine choice, for all students, K-12. School districts such as Spring Hill who have allowed optional 9-12 masking and looser opt-out criteria for elementary have seen far less cases per 1,000 students compared to Olathe.


  • Guarantee In-Person Learning – It is critical that we do everything possible to keep kids in school for the entire 2021-2022 school-year. This not only improves academic success, but it also improves social and cognitive development, engagement, and retention. When kids are in school, they are safe. 


  • Critical Race Theory- I’m firmly against the teachings of critical race theory in our Olathe Schools. As a mother of a bi-racial child, I do not see how it is compassionate to teach our young students that skin color determines outcomes. In fact, I believe it devalues the person as a whole when we simply look at outer characteristics rather than the content of their character. The American Dream is an inclusive message for all of our students. Our Nation is not perfect, but we should always remember that we are stronger together.  


  • Open Dialogue and Expanded Public Comment –  It is very concerning to see censorship and dismissiveness from the current board. I believe in freedom of speech, the right for parents to voice their opinion in the instruction of their children. Too often parents are silenced. We must provide every opportunity for professional, timely, and honest dialogue with key stakeholders of our district.