About Me

Proud Mom, Olathe Born and Raised.

Growing up in the Olathe School District I am very familiar with the community and educational opportunities here in Olathe. Our family moved to Olathe in 1988. I attended Indian Creek Elementary, Pioneer Trail Junior High and Olathe East High School. Class of 99′ Hawks! I went on to receive my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Baker University and a Masters of Science in Education degree from the University of Kansas. I was fortunate to move to San Diego after college and experience the sunny weather of the West Coast.

During my time in San Diego, I was able to keep my Kansas ties close leading the University of Kansas Alumni Chapter as well as participating as a BIG for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I ended up returning to Kansas to raise my children and I have actively taken many roles in our community since my return home. Serving as a board member for the Madison Park Homes Association for 5 years as well as serving on the City of Gardner Planning Commission. I have career experience in public schools, serving in a variety of positions such as emergency substitute teacher, payroll and compliance coordinator and as a high school bookkeeper.

I also enjoy helping coach our daughter’s basketball team and volunteering for activities such as girl scouts that keep me connected to our youth in a positive role. I would not be the person I am today without the mentoring and teaching of the many outstanding coaches and educators I encountered in the Olathe School District. I am passionate about children and hope to continue to open doors for every student that walks through our Olathe school buildings. Olathe is the best place to live, LEARN, work and play!

Together we can continue to prepare our children for their futures and create citizens that are educated, developed socially and emotionally with integrity and accountability. Students like me, that will continue to give back to their community that invested in them at the time they needed educators and mentors the most.

I look forward to speaking with you and hearing what our Olathe Schools are doing well and what areas are needed for improvement. TOGETHER, we can continue the legacy of Olathe students who are educated, empowered, and prepared!